Kilroy Vandervennet

Cellist, Teaching Artist,
Creative Collaborator

I am a student who returned to cello after 60+ years of not playing.  I am grateful to have a teacher who is willing to work with a student whose goal is not to become a concert cellist, but rather to enjoy the experience of playing both alone & as a competent intermediate level ensemble player.  I treasure Beth's enthusiasm & positivity.  Beth has encouraged me to set my own goals & tailored lessons to work on those goals.  She has also gently nudged me to take on more difficult etudes & solo pieces.  I have made slow progress, but have happily exceeded my own expectations. 

~ Laurie Umeh, adult student

Beth is a singularly wonderful, gifted teacher; the relationship she has built with our daughter, a high school senior, over their years together has been foundational not only to our daughter's development as a cellist but as a person. Previously, we’d had a lot of conflict (and some tears) over practicing, but Beth’s approach was transformative: creative, supportive, encouraging, curious and joyful.  The result is that cello has become a source of richness and self-expression that our daughter will carry throughout her life, and that is exactly what we’d hoped music would provide. Thank you, Beth!

~ Peggy Orenstein, parent of high school cello student

I can’t imagine a better teacher for a young person starting out on the cello. Beth has been so encouraging and gentle. She conveys boundless enthusiasm and appreciation for our daughter’s efforts and progress. She’s an incredible musician who’s both goofy and cool. As parents we hang around for the lessons when we can because we find them so much fun. She’s able to convey the same qualities during online lessons. We love Beth and have no hesitation recommending her.
~ Parent of middle school cello student


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