Kilroy Vandervennet

Cellist, Teaching Artist,
Creative Collaborator

Beth Vandervennet’s  formative years were spent in Michigan.  

She began her cello studies many moons ago, at the ripe old age of 10, because she was easily drawn to the fact that nobody else in the class dared to haul the large behemoth of a cello—it was quite convenient her home was a stone's throw from her public elementary school. Beth found her way to university music schools for a stimulating and well- rounded education at University of Michigan, Carnegie Mellon University, and Kent State University.  All that action in the Midwest drove her westward to explore the music scene in the San Francisco Bay area. 

Beth has called Oakland home for over 17 years, while bathing herself in a wonderful variety of music making: 

From Orchestral masterpieces to Squid Inc., from original Pagan Lounge sounds of Rosin Coven to traditional chamber music of the grand masters. 

Beth is also a committed teaching artist as well as a community ambassador, promoter, and musician throughout Oakland with the

Oakland Symphony’s MUSE (Music for Excellence program).  

Favorites you ask? Her favorite color is purple, favorite food is kale, and favorite song is what she is playing at any given moment. 

Leisure time is spent skiing, hiking, backpacking, & exploring the world of places and cuisine with her husband, son, family, & friends.

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